Our Network Department

offers a full suite of customized services for every phase of the networks’ life cycle: planning, design, implementation, operations and maintenance. This is especially necessary now that the network has become a mainstream business tool.

Whether it be for us to set up or the clients own  in house team we have the best methods for configuration.  Firewalls are a necessity, but configuring them so that every internet-based program still works is often troublesome. We offer training courses in all the leading manufacturers systems and applications .

We can provide for

  • Security
  • Authentication
  • Directory Services
  • Dynamic Host Configuration
  • Protocol (DHCP)
  • DNS
  • E MAIL



We can help you address network growth issues by developing strategies that meet business objectives. CSH always proactively implements innovative technologies that will increase revenue, reduce operational costs, increase customer satisfaction, grow customer base, and help to overtake the competition.


Cisco Network Diagram_Full

Advanced Directions – can help your design with high-performance network solutions by identifying critical needs, defining responsibilities, establishing project controls, and managing schedules. Detailed reports will keep client informed on the projects progress.


Design the network selecting the specific networks equipment from Switches Series & Routers which match client requirement. Installation & configuration of switches by Configuring VLAN,STP, Routing protocols RIP,IGRP,EIGRP and OSPF ,Install VPN connectivity including troubleshooting of infrastructure WLAN.

Server Services  server_

-  Deploying & Installing Server.

-  Installing Operating System Windows 2003,2008,2012, Linux Red hat.

-  Configure Active Directory, Domain Name System, DHCP, Group policy, Software deployment.

-  Creating Organization unite & Users assign permission to group and users.

-  ADC data backup.

-  In charge of the network including workstation clients and Printers.

-  Maintained and Troubleshooting LAN & WAN, NAT.

-  Design Various IP address & Subnet ting.