IT Security Services


We found that IT security’s most important raison d’etre was to assure day-to-day operations – that is, keeping the business running 99.9%

The Security Connected framework from Advanced Directions team enables integration of multiple products, services, and partnerships for centralized, efficient, and effective risk mitigation. Built on more than two decades of proven security practices, the Security Connected approach helps organizations of all sizes and segments — across all geographies — improve security postures, optimize security for greater cost effectiveness, and align security strategically with business initiatives. The Security Connected Reference Architecture provides a concrete path from ideas to implementation. Use it to adapt the Security Connected concepts to your unique risks, infrastructure, and business objectives.

Security Services IT-security1-300x300

- End Point Protection
- Email Security
- Digital Signature
- Web & Email Getaway
- Database Security
- Next Generation UTM
- SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
- Application Security
- O/P Security
- Network Security
- Mobile Security
- Data Protection
- Encryption Data
- Encryption VPN & Email
- Identity and Authentication
- Smart Token Bio

Information Security and Data Protection is paramount for any Business .At ADVANCED DIRECTIONS We look at your security requirements in a comprehensive and business fitting manner. Unsolicited interference, virus infections and worms can cause irreparable damage and losses to your business. Other elements such as theft and malicious damage can also render a business to substantial loss. We at ADVANCED DIRECTIONS have a wide experience in all things Security bringing together an integrated solution that offers security and monitoring of each and every part of your business.