Building MGMT Services


Open Integrated Controls

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) (BMS) & HVAC controls

The principal role of a BEMS is to regulate and monitor heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC Control) – and often lighting too. A BEMS can efficiently control as much as 84% of a building’s energy usage.

 A Trend BEMS can provide accurate HVAC control whilst delivering real time management information. By applying a range of control and monitoring routines – both simple and sophisticated – it is capable of operating the building services in strict accordance with demand, thereby avoiding unnecessary use of energy.

 Building Management Systems monitor and control services such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, ensuring they operate at maximum levels of efficiency and economy. This is achieved by  maintaining the optimum balance between environmental conditions, energy usage and operating requirements.

(Integrating BMS, Energy and Security to the Enterprise)

Tridium is the global market leader in the supply of software for open automation, monitoring and integration applications in buildings. Tridium develops and markets a universal software framework called Niagara AX targeted at solving the challenges associated with managing smart devices in buildings using the power of the Internet.

  •  Connects IP and serial networks
  •  Links multiple protocols and systems
  •  Real-time control and monitoring
  •  Web-enabled visualization
  •  Supports all open standards
  •  Web services support
  •  Integrates all building systems
  •  Security and video integration
  •  Open APIs for developers