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Smart Token & OTP

AD-CIT provides a family of hardware and software products to serve many sectors of the digital security. Following products families are introduced:

  • Identity Management Devices: used to identify and authenticate users, sign and encrypt documents and Emails, perform secure transactions for online banking and governmental web services, facilitate data encryption, digital signature and user identification in different software applications.
  • Software and Data Protection: used to protect software and data against piracy, encrypt data and media files, and control software modules using very flexible license management system.
  • System Protection: used to recover systems, protect systems against viruses and malwares, control user login to computer, control users access to organization network, encrypt and hide sensitive documents and data files

securityServiceSecuring your IT estate and data is critical to the continued success of every business. Evolving trends for remote working and BYOD (Bring your own Device) services are pushing most companies to enable access to their corporate data from external locations, which is turn opens up further areas of potential security risk.

A relentless battle rages between those who are trying to ensure continuous corporate access and those who are trying to steal your data, disrupt your working day and cause mayhem within the digital arena.

It can be an up-hill battle to ensure that you always have the current levels of protection, endless software updates and hardware refreshes just to try and stay one step ahead.


Our teams of security experts can work with you to design implement and support an IT security strategy to compliment the increasing demands of your business.



Even if you are individual user and you are looking for security solution to secure your device such as (PC – Laptop – Smart Phone – Tablet …etc. we are ready to help you and to provide a secure solution which it can help in to many different area.

Advanced Directions provide special package for individuals user that can help them for : 

  1. Windows Log On 
  2. Encrypt any data in you PC or Laptop
  3. Anti-Virus
  4. Firewall
  5. Internet Security
  6. Digital Signature for (Doc & PDF )
  7. ​Digital Certifications 
  8. GeekBuddy solves all your PC headaches and saves your time and effort!
  9. TrustConnect WiFi Security

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