Mobile Security

mobile security

Mobile Security from McAfee offers protection against mobile data loss and threats that target smartphones and tablets. McAfee mobile device management helps reduce the risks from lost or stolen devices, such as corporate data loss, unauthorized access, and business data leakage from employee-owned devices. We support a full array of mobile devices, including Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management

With data and device protection for today’s most popular mobile devices, including Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Android, McAfee provides a complete and scalable security solution that embraces device diversity. Enterprises can offer employees mobile device choice, while delivering secure and easy access to mobile corporate data.

McAfee VirusScan Mobile

McAfee provides proven anti-malware protection for Android mobile devices. Architected specifically for mobile device platforms, McAfee VirusScan Mobile guards against known and unknown virus and malware threats.


Security and Management for Mobile Devices, Data, and Applications
McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (McAfee EMM) enables businesses to empower their work force with mobile productivity in a secure, simplified, streamlined way.

Mobile productivity presents risks to mobile devices and data, including loss, theft, and unauthorized access. Businesses work hard to develop their intellectual property, partner and customer lists, and trade secrets so it’s a top priority to protect that mobile data through policy-based security that’s easy to use and manage.

The increasingly popular bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend gives employee device choice yet adds complication for IT. When an employee-owned, consumer-oriented device is used for business, additional privacy, control, usage, policy, security, and data protection issues need to be addressed to ensure that business data is protected.

Mobile Management
Busy IT departments will appreciate being able to orchestrate policy, configuration, security, and management of mobile devices through a web-based console. The integrated McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) management infrastructure provides a robust platform.

Unified, Enterprise-Wide Management
It makes sense to manage mobile devices along with your traditional endpoints such as laptop PCs using a single unified infrastructure and console. After all, it’s the same data, same people, same permissions, and similar IT processes. It is easy to manage all endpoints with the integrated McAfee ePO management infrastructure.

Security and Management for Mobile Devices, Data, and Applications

The McAfee EMM solution delivers mobile data protection and mobile device management (MDM) through a combination of McAfee EMM, McAfee Secure Container for Android, McAfee VirusScan Mobile for Android (unmanaged), and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) management.


Striking the right balance between security, usability, and manageability is essential. McAfee EMM provides just the right amount of security through:

  • Access control by user, data, and device
  • Network connectivity requirements including VPN and WiFi
  • Enforcing of authentication and encryption
  • Remote locking or full wiping of devices that are lost or stolen
  • Independent anti-malware software to protect Android devices (and the networks they connect to) from malicious code
  • Adding a Secure Container for Android for encrypted storage and to restrict cut and paste of data to unsecured areas

Although business benefits from on-the-go productivity, mobile workers are often unaware of the additional business risks and complications that BYOD brings. So, businesses need to make it easy to keep data secure on employee-owned devices through features such as:

  • Support of corporate- and employee-owned devices
  • Easy, over-the-air provisioning and policy distribution
  • Retaining the native iOS experience and encryption that users want
  • Secure Container for Android to encrypt and separate work email, contacts, and calendar from personal data and to securely view documents
  • Remote partial wiping of device which preserves personal information while protecting corporate data
  • Support for the most used consumer devices including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone
Mobile Management

Mobile device management can be complicated so mobile-specific features and views help IT departments maintain control through:

  • Granular policy options, including by user, group, device, and operating system
  • Mobile dashboards, views, and reports that are customizable or standardized
  • Streamlined, automated processes, including device tagging to manage inventory and design-specific policies
  • Analytics, alerting, monitoring, and reporting
  • Identification and blocking of risky devices
  • Hosting and distribution of commercial and enterprise apps
  • Secure Container for Android to provide a single email client across a range of devices to make the help desk job easier
  • Enterprise-class scalability of 25,000 devices per server or more than 100,000 devices with load balancing
Unified, Enterprise-Wide Management

Unified management provides a comprehensive approach to enterprise-wide risk management with:

  • Role-based administration
  • Drag-and-drop actionable dashboards and alerts that are mobile specific or all endpoint views
  • Support for authentication via Active Directory so the solution fit into your existing infrastructure
  • Enterprise-wide management of mobile, traditional endpoints, and network and data center solutions from the same unified infrastructure
  • True end-to-end security and compliance visibility