Complete End Point Protection

end point protection

It’s easy to get enterprise security right. A single solution with a single management platform unifies 17 technologies to proactively protect all of your devices — PCs, Macs, Linux systems, smartphones, virtual machines, tablets, and servers. Simplify management and reduce costs while defending your endpoints from today’s most insidious and stealthy threats, including rootkits and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

With Complete Endpoint Protection — Enterprise, you can customize your enterprise’s security to create the right combination for each user community, from giving power users the freedom and flexibility they demand to applying the tightest control on shared systems. One suite brings you a “complete coverage” toolbox. From easy installation to real-time investigations, it’s all integrated and centralized for efficient management.

Complete protection — This comprehensive suite extends industry-leading threat protection to your data and your systems, protecting you where others fail. It finds, fixes, and freezes malware fast. Our Security Connected approach covers all the bases, layering hardware-enhanced technologies, dynamic whitelisting, smart scanning, advanced anti-malware, mobile protection, and more. Behavior and reputation protection integrates with cloud-based McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to protect against cyberthreats across all vectors — file, web, message, and network. And to help your security team take the right actions fast, Real Time for McAfee ePO brings instant visibility into your security posture and security software configurations and helps you fix things fast.

Complete simplicity — Installation is easy. With as few as four clicks and in just 20 minutes, you’re up and running. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) technology streamlines policy management across all devices and provides a single pane of glass for visibility. Additionally, to improve reaction time when threats strike, your security team can ask questions and perform actions in real time.

Complete performance — Choose security that supports business instead of slowing it down. Fewer, more efficient scans and advanced memory management techniques minimize impact on users. Superior performance across all platforms comes from advanced smart scanning and memory management techniques that optimize CPU and memory usage. For the greatest efficiency, dynamic whitelisting offers a no-scanning, compact desktop footprint for fixed-function devices.

Top-rated, layered endpoint defense, from chip to cloud

Advanced antivirus, anti-malware, host intrusion prevention, device control, host-based firewall, dynamic application control, and more tackle malware, zero-day threats, and evasion attacks at every vector — mobile, data, web, email, and network.

Reduce the application attack surface without labor- and time-intensive whitelist management

Unique dynamic application control allows installation of only known good files or applications based on a flexible, automated update model.

Unify and simplify management

McAfee ePO single-console management streamlines and automates workflow, policy deployment, updates, maintenance, and reporting across all of the technologies that protect your endpoints. Integration with other McAfee and third-party products increases visibility and efficiency as you add to your security arsenal.

Act faster and more efficiently to stop threats in their tracks

Real Time for McAfee ePO gives security staff instant access to critical data and guidance to the right responses within the natural workflow.

Minimize risk

Clearly identify which assets might be affected by which threats, and whether you have proper protection in place. McAfee Risk Advisor calculates risk scores based on threats, vulnerabilities, asset criticality, and countermeasures to help your in-house security experts optimize and prioritize patching.

See more and know more for better protection

Real-time cloud-based McAfee Global Threat intelligence collects the latest data to protect against known and emerging cyberthreats across all vectors — file, web, message, and network.