Social Media


Over a billion people are registered on Facebook alone. The number of users on Twitter, Google+, Instagram and the likes continues to grow at an astounding rate. With mobile devices enabling people to stay connected to their social network profiles on the go, more and more people are inclined towards using them. You would be hard pressed to find one internet user who doesn’t have a profile on any of the leading social networks.I Like

our services:

  • Create Business fan Page & Invite friends to join us.
  • Add FBML & Customize Welcome Tab, Contact Us Tab, Book & Save Tab.
  • Share page with friend to friend to LIKE us.
  • Create a Community (Group) and Invite Friends to join us.
  • Add Products Details with Price in FBML Tab like Mini Website.
  • Add Products & Service Details with INFO Tab
  • Add Website Home Page, Product  & Service Landing Page in INFO Tab.
  • Create Facebook’s Profile Badge & Add on Blog and Website.
  • Create Polls & Ask to friends.
  • Create Photo Album and Share with friends, In Group or Other Fan Pages.
  • Share Short Video from Youtube or Direct Upload by PC.
  • —Add Contact Form Tab to who want to Directly contact from Facebook Page.
  • —Add Twitter  Account Tab with Page.
  • —Add  Youtube Channel Tab with Page.
  • —Create Paid Ads (Sponsored Advertisement).
  • —Join Community, Cause and Participate.
  • —Send Messages to Friends.
  • —Chat with Group and Friends.
  • —Subscribe Notification through Google Reader
  • —Make Comments on others relevant news, Image & Videos.
  • —Create Contest & Discount on products and services.
  • —Create Apps and share with friend to install that app.
  • —Ask friends to join our Affiliate Program and share in Groups.
  • —Track all activity report from Facebook Insight. Also from Google Analytics tool.