EMR-Health Care


Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Automating the repeat activities saves valuable time as well as speed ups the processing time leading to quick service. Electronic medical record is one such application that allows the hospital/clinic to manage the patient records and appointments easily. The EMR application is a complete solution for doctors to provide treatment to patients with up-to-date information.

EMR modules include:

  • Patient details/medical record
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Order tracking
  • Billing and more

The process flow in EMR:

  • Schedule patient appointments using calendar
  • Record patient details on their visit
  • Speech dictation to record patient visit
  • Record vitals like height, weight, temperature etc
  • Allergies, immunization, medications etc are recorded
  • Search details based on name, sex, group, dialysis, contact, issues etc
  • Assign procedures like blood test
  • Alert reminders about test and medication
  • Refer patients to other doctors
  • Raise billing via application
  • Generate fee sheet

Admin features

The EMR application provides various privileges for the admin such as include medical codes for disease, design forms, user authorization status, maintain address book, pharmacy details, file backups, reminder alerts etc.

The electronic medical record is very useful for managing the patient details and automating related features like appointment scheduling and billing. The application support printing of registration form, fee sheet, referral letter etc.