Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Managing the customers is one of the main task that is challenging for most of enterprises. The success of the business depends upon the relationship that it builds with the customers. Presence and participation of clients/customers at every stage of product development can contribute more to the project. CRM helps to built a good relationship between the clients and employees which leads to employee collaboration and customer satisfaction.

Activities of CRM:

  • Employee collaboration
  • Build customer relationship
  • Enhance sales
  • Efficient project management
  • Social media integration
  • Remote data access
  • Report generation


The Engagedots is a unique CRM solution that handles sales, projects, employees, and customers – all under one roof. It is a systematic solution that handles the flow of information in the enterprise which makes it easier for sales handling, project development, and decision making.

The Engagedots CRM Modules include:

  • Sales management
  • Profile management
  • Marketing automation
  • Ticket & support
  • Team management
  • Reports
  • Social updates
  • Settings
  • Project management
  • Performance management
  • Task management
  • Employee management
  • Employee collaboration

Engagedots is very flexible for information handling as reports can be generated quickly and accurately. Timely information for sales persons can be accessed from anywhere (SaaS method of access). Client issues can be smoothly handled via multiple medium. Social media is integrated with the application.

Engagedots helps to improve on the overall performance of the organization with customized service and effective employee management in hierarchal model. The solution is available across multiple industrial verticals including manufacturing, touring, beauty & spa, healthcare, marketing, IT sector etc.